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Market Overview

Biomedical research

In recent years, SMA®-based copolymers (SMALP) have proven their importance for directly solubilizing native lipid-protein complexes from a wide range of cell types or raw membranes. Our ready-to-use SMA® solutions are fully licensed for solubilizing membrane proteins in their native environment, enabling effective biomedical research.


Our SMA® solutions allow iron-, titanium-, and zinc- oxide pigments to be dispersed in water. This enables the production of healthier, more sustainable, water-based cosmetics that retain an appealing texture – from sunscreen to foundation and highlighter. What’s more, it reduces the need for natural or silicon oils for dispersions, in line with growing consumer pressure to remove silicone-based products from cosmetics.

Medical devices

Our transparent SMA®-PMMA polymer blend surfaces can be functionalized with a wide range of biomolecules, thanks to the SMA® copolymers they contain. This makes them ideal for use as a platform material in the diagnosis of a broad spectrum of diseases. In particular, medical diagnostic devices made with our SMA®-PMMA solutions deliver excellent accuracy, method robustness, and ease-of-use – making them ideal for fast and reliable diagnoses that consume minimal resources.


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