Solutions through innovation

At Orbiscope, our goal is to inspire and assist our customers to push their application’s boundaries to the next level.

Orbiscope is powered by Polyscope Polymers, the global leader in the research, product development, production, and supply of styrene-maleic anhydride (SMA®) derivates. Besides offering commercial and experimental (SMA®-based) (co)polymers for your research needs, we also aim to support your development efforts.

With our products and solutions, we address some of the world’s biggest challenges, while creating environmental and societal value for all our stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, and society at large.

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XiCare™ 1305 Demonstration: Dispersant in Water-Based Cosmetics

Xicare™ 1305, Orbiscope's new dispersant, allows for dispersion of metal oxides in color cosmetic and sun care formulations! Our new video demonstrates how easy it is to disperse pigments in the greenest solvent: water. Be sure to...

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New SMALP Names

We are constantly innovating and searching for new solutions. Our product portfolio is getting more expanded.
In order to keep on offering a clear overview of our SMALP products we have rephrased the numbering system. The table...

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