XiCare™ 1305 Demonstration: Dispersant in Water-Based Cosmetics

Xicare™ 1305, Orbiscope's new dispersant, allows for dispersion of metal oxides in color cosmetic and sun care formulations! Our new video demonstrates how easy it is to disperse pigments in the greenest solvent: water. Be sure to check our cosmetics page for more information on Xicare™ 1305 and our other Xicare™ products.



New SMALP Names

We are constantly innovating and searching for new solutions. Our product portfolio is getting more expanded.
In order to keep on offering a clear overview of our SMALP products we have rephrased the numbering system. The table below shows the changes that have been made.

Our recently introduced product, SMALP 502-E,  already fits the new naming scheme and will therefore remain the same.



ACT Solutions to present Aqueous Color

On Thursday 4 June Mark Chandler from ACT Solutions presented Aqueous Color: Adapting to a volatile world. Fueled by Zemea® propanediols. In the presentation the ZEMEA® from Dupont Tate&Lyle is the main focus but the incognito star is a Orbiscope product. This new platform for color cosmetics is empowered by our Xicare™ platform and more specifically with our Xicare™ 1305. Sad that you missed the presentation? You can now see the presentation for free on-demand via this link.


SMALP 502-E enters our shop!

Orbiscope, powered by Polyscope Polymers, launched together with Cube-Biotech a new SMALP product. The new SMALP 502-E has shown increased solubilization rates of membrane proteins! Definitely a step forward for your laboratory!

Click here to order your SMALP 502-E on our website or Click here to buy it from our partner Cube Biotech.


SMALP and Covid-19

Proud to partner with Cube Biotech for isolating the spike proteins of Covid-19 (SARS CoV-2) using the SMALP product range!


Cube Biotech global distributor for Orbiscope’s SMALP product portfolio

We are proud to announce that Orbiscope (Polyscope Polymers) appointed Cube Biotech as its global distributor for Orbiscope’s  SMALP product portfolio.


Cube Biotech will offer a diverse range of the SMALP products (1100I, 25010P, 30010P, 40005P) as lyophilized  powders and provides SMALP screening kit, containing both SMALP and DIBMA.

About Cube Biotech

Cube Biotech has more than 40 years of combined experience on membrane protein expression, purification, and crystallization. Cube Biotech is founded in 2012 to make its experience available to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, as well as to the academic environment. To ensure the highest quality in their service offering, Cube Biotech makes their own protein purification resins and crystallization products.


Stefan Scheidelaar guest speaker at the SMALP network conference

Stefan Scheidelaar, SMALP specialist at Orbiscope, presented at the SMALP network.
Stefan elaborated on the launch of our new polymer SMALP 1100I.

The SMALP network offers polymers, methods and meetings to support the growing community of scientists and companies interested in the preparation of membrane nanodiscs formed by polymers including styrene maleic acid for biological research and drug discovery applications.

During the conference, which took place on the 19th of June 2020, Stefan Scheidelaar represented the Orbiscope company and gave an introduction of SMALP 1100I.

SMALP 1100I is a positively charged copolymer which complements the existing SMALP reagents and is compatible with divalent cations and pH > 6.5.

For more information take a look at the presentation.

Please click here to order the introduction package.




Xiran® SL 30010 P20 is now commercially available as SMALP 30010 P.
The succesful research is published in JACS.

JACS, the journal of Organic Chemistry published a research of the Polymer Xiran® SL 30010 P.

Click on the link to read the article:


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